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VitaPaw - 6X Multivitamin Supplement

VitaPaw - 6X Multivitamin Supplement

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Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Creates A Safe And Calming Environment

Helps Reduce Unwanted Behaviours

Enhaces bonding and affection

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SereniPet diffuser is meticulously designed to enhance every aspect of your pet's well-being.

- Reduces Stress And Anxiety
- Improves Emotional Wellbeing
- Enhances Bonding & Affection
- Eliminates Urine Marking

How to use

Place the SereniPet in your cat's favorite room and plug it in. It will release calming pheromones right away, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Unique Formula

Infused with the gentle essence of lavender, this unique formula brings together the goodness of natural ingredients and pheromones in a delightful 2-in-1 blend. Create a tranquil oasis for your cats, where the soothing power of nature meets the calming influence of pheromones, harmonizing their environment.

What Makes SereniPet Unique

Exceptional Quality

From selecting premium ingredients to precision manufacturing, our commitment to quality ensures a trustworthy product for your pets.

innovative formulation

Serenipet's diffuser features a pioneering formulation with a 2-in-1 unique blend of natural ingredients. Carefully crafted, this exclusive combination is designed to create a calming atmosphere, fostering a harmonious environment for your pets.

Tailored For Pets

Serenipet stands out for its pet-centric approach. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of your furry companions, our calming diffuser is more than just a product—it's a dedicated solution crafted with the well-being of your pets in mind.

Why Choose Serenipet?

Distinctive Dual Pheromones
Two Months Peace (60 days)
Crafted for medical use
Natural Ingredients
30 day Money-back Guarantee.
Costs $0.4/day

Other solutions

Single Pheromone
Lasts Only One Month
Burns, breaks fast

frequently asked questions

1. How Does SereniPet Work?

SereniPet is a diffuser that releases calming pheromones into the air, which can help reduce stress and anxiety in cats. When plugged in, it continuously disperses these pheromones, creating a calming environment for your pet.

2. How long will it take to see results?

The time it takes to observe results can vary among individuals, but many pet owners notice positive changes within the first week of consistent use.

3. What kind of plug does this diffuser use?

We will provide the appropriate plug based on your delivery location. For example, if you are ordering from Europe, you will receive a EUR plug. Likewise, if you are in the USA, an American plug will be included with your order.

4. Where should I place the diffuser in my home?

For optimal effectiveness, it's best to place the SereniPet™ Diffuser in an area with good ventilation. Avoid plugging it under shelves or furniture, as this can obstruct the diffusion of pheromones. Instead, consider placing it near a window or in an open area where air can circulate freely.

5. What are the ingredients ?

The diffuser is a blend of pheromones, lavender, and glycerine. Pheromones are natural substances that contribute to a calming atmosphere, while lavender is renowned for its soothing properties. Glycerine serves as a base for essential oils, ensuring an even distribution and a longer-lasting scent.

6. Is SereniPet™ Diffuser safe to use around children?

Yes, SereniPet™ Diffuser is safe to use in homes with children. However, it's important to keep the diffuser out of reach of small children to prevent accidental contact or ingestion. Place the diffuser in an area where children cannot access it.

7. Will The People In My Home Be Affected By Serenipet?

SereniPet is designed to be safe for both pets and humans. The ingredients used are natural and non-toxic, so the people in your home should not be affected by it. It's always a good idea to follow the instructions on the product label and allow proper ventilation during use.

8. Is Serenipet available on retail shops or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?

No, currently, Serenipet is exclusively available for purchase on our official website. We want to ensure that our customers receive the best service and authentic products, and thus, we recommend making purchases directly through our online platform.

Happy, healthy family bonds

Melanie H.

Our tabby's litter box struggles disappeared with Serenipet. In just 6 months, she's back to using it appropriately, visibly happier. A must-try solution for fellow cat owners!

Kate Brown

With a 11-year-old Siamese who thinks she's still a kitten, constant scratching was telling a different story. After introducing Serenipet into our home a few months ago, her excessive scratching has significantly decreased. Now, she's calmer and more relaxed, reminiscent of her old self. Serenipet has worked wonders!

Isabella Taylor

Our usually playful cat was exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety lately. Since introducing SereniPet into our home, we've witnessed a significant improvement. She's calmer, more content, and no longer displays the anxious behaviors we were concerned about.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Serenipet, we stand by the effectiveness and quality of our products. Your satisfaction is our priority.

If, within 30 days of your purchase, you find that Serenipet hasn't delivered the results you hoped for, simply reach out to us at support@serenipet.co. Our dedicated support team will guide you through the return process and ensure a hassle-free experience.

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