If you spot your cat spraying, marking or peeing outside the box, this science -driven solution is a must. Here's why.
By Sophia Weber | Apr 15, 2024 | 11:11 am EDT
Note: After reading this, you'll likely find it indispensable to use this solution for your cats every day...

Did you know there's a day called National Urine Day? Well, in my home, it felt like my cat, Lily, was celebrating it every single day without fail.

She's been my beloved companion since she was just a kitten – she's six years old now.

At first, her peeing outside the litter box was an occasional accident – a small spot on the carpet, a damp patch on the couch. But soon, it became a daily routine.

We're talking about peeing on boxes, towels, carpets, shoes – if it's on the floor, it's Lily's bathroom.

The smell of cat urine is unbearable, and it lingers for ages. Plus, cleaning it up is a real headache.

I couldn't comprehend why she was doing this, and more importantly, how to make her stop. Every morning, I dreaded what new item would be her target.

I was at my wit's end. I took her to three different vets, hoping they'd give me some insight, but after spending $700 on tests, they all said the same thing: "She's perfectly healthy."

You've got to find me a solution, or I won't be able to keep her!

You wouldn't believe the state I was in. There I was, sitting in the FOURTH VET's office – yeah, the fourth one, because none of the others had any answers…

Tears were streaming down my face as I blurted out, 'I can't do this anymore! I think I’m gonna give her up!'

I know it sounded harsh, but I was at my wit's end…

Every day felt like a new challenge, and I felt like I was failing her. The thought of giving Lily up tore me up inside…

I mean, she isn't just a cat; she's my little buddy, my fur baby who has been with me for years. She's family, you know?

But living like that, constantly cleaning up after her and worrying about what I'd find ruined next, it was just too much...

Don't even think about rehoming her again...

Dr. Lee's reassurance was like a ray of hope in my despair.

He confidently shared with me a new approach to tackle my cat's peeing problem effortlessly.

"Let me show you something," he said, reaching into his desk drawer.

From it, he retrieved an unusual-looking device.

But before explaining its magic, he insisted on unraveling the mystery behind my cat's behavior.

"Some vets just prescribe pills without explaining the root cause," he remarked. "But I believe in educating pet owners about their furry friends' psychology. Let's delve into it together."

Your Cat Won't Stop Until Every Corner of Your Home Smells Like Urine!

The underlying issue driving this frustrating peeing behavior is the elevated levels of stress and anxiety silently plaguing your feline friend!

"Stressed out cats? Seriously?"

"Yes, indeed. According to the National Institute of Health, 1 in 4 cats grapple with stress and anxiety in the U.S.

Here's the twist. Cats resort to peeing as a coping mechanism for two primary reasons...

Firstly, it's their way of signaling distress, akin to waving a red flag and saying, 'Hey, I could use some support here!'

Secondly, the scent of their urine offers them a sense of security and familiarity...

So, whenever something new appears, whether it's a backpack or a fresh sofa, their instinct is to mark it with urine to make it feel more like home.

In essence, your cat is resorting to peeing on your belongings as their method of stress management, particularly when you're not intervening...

I know it might sound unpleasant, but it's the reality!

In the end, Dr. Lee emphasized that there's ONLY ONE solution to halt this behavior...

And it's by using this scent-swapping trick

You see, as we've established, your cat is using her pee smell as a stress relief scent.

So the only way to effectively turn off this frustrating peeing behaviour is to provide cats with another comforting scent, other than urine.

This diffuser achieves precisely that goal! Crafted by a team of foremost cat behavior specialists, it was developed in collaboration with a pioneering US-based startup known as SereniPet.

How it works

Imagine this: when mama cats have kittens, they emit a special scent known as a pheromone. This scent serves as a signal of safety, comforting the kittens and letting them know that everything is okay.

Now, the SereniPet Diffuser capitalizes on this natural phenomenon by replicating these maternal pheromones. It releases them into your cat's environment, creating a cocoon of maternal comfort around them. After all, what could be more calming than the presence of a mother?

As your cat detects these pheromones, they instinctively feel safe and relaxed, eliminating the urge to mark their territory. SereniPet achieves this without any drugs and is specifically tailored for cats. While it remains undetectable to humans, cats readily pick up on it.

This is why SereniPet swiftly puts your cat at ease, eliminating the need for them to mark their territory excessively.

I can confidently say that the SereniPet Diffuser has been a true lifesaver for me, my house, and most importantly, my beloved cat.

After leaving Dr. Lee’s office, I wasted no time ordering three SereniPet diffusers.

Upon their arrival, I strategically placed them in Lily’s preferred spots for relieving herself: the living room, my bedroom, and the kitchen. Installed, Lily took an immediate liking to them, finding comfort and peace.

Within two weeks, accidents were a thing of the past, and Lily’s demeanor brightened noticeably. Notably, her pesky peeing habit vanished completely. 

These diffusers have been a game-changer for us, bringing harmony and happiness back into Lily’s life.

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